Whirlpool Dishwasher F2E2 Code (EASY Solution!)

Error codes on a machine are indicators of something not working the way it’s intended to. Every type of error corresponds to its unique code. 

The manufacturer comes up with these unique error codes to make it easier to identify the problem. The user can see what error code is flashing, look it up, and instantly understand which component of the machine is malfunctioning. 

This article will cover the F2E2 error code in a Whirlpool dishwasher and how to address it.  

Whirlpool Dishwasher F2E2 Code Meaning

Whirlpool Dishwasher F2E2 Code

The F2E2 error code indicates an issue with the control board on the machine. It means that said board is not receiving instructions from the user interface. 

Essentially, the touch panel cannot communicate with the board. 

The most optimal solution for this issue is replacing the entire control board. However, sometimes a reset can fix this error, as well. 

Each error code on a machine indicates a unique problem. A single issue may have more than one cause. 

The F2E2 error code is a sign of an electronic error with the UI and control board unable to communicate with one another. 

Causes Of F2E2 Code Error

Here are some possible causes of F2E2 code error-

1. Loose Connections

Sometimes, the plug isn’t properly inserted inside the main power supply. This can lead to loose connections. 

There can also be loose connections where the power cord comes out of the machine. 

2. Mounting Pieces Warping

If the mounting brackets are made of plastic, they can wrap over time. This is an issue if the bracket is close to the wires. 

This warping can potentially cause the F2E2 error code or others. 

3. Problem In The Wiring

The wires connecting the UI to the control board can often become loose or frayed. 

As this is the primary source of communication between these two parts, any compromise can lead to the F2E2 error code. 

4. Broken Circulation Pump

The circulation pump is a vital part of the regular functioning of the dishwasher. Sometimes, however, gradually, it can end up becoming faulty.

A broken circulation pump like this can often cause the F2E2 error code. 

5. Improperly Stacked Dishwasher Racks

The dishwasher racks must be appropriately aligned and set inside the machine before operating. 

They should slide correctly, and the machine should be loaded with utensils. If the racks aren’t set correctly, it can lead to the F2E2 error. 

6. Leaks In The Dishwasher

A loose hose or inlet can lead to leaks in the dishwasher. This is far from ideal and can cause the F2E2 and other error codes to pop up. 

How To Fix Whirlpool Error Code F2E2?

The error code F2E2 indicates an issue with the control board; the ideal fix is to have it replaced. 

That, however, should be your last option as it can be pretty expensive.

Here are a few things that you can do before ruling out any other potential issues. 

1. Resetting The Dishwasher

Firstly, resetting your dishwasher can often solve most issues, including the F2E2 error code. Whirlpool dishwashers can be reset by pressing the ‘Heated Dry’ and ‘Normal’ buttons one after another and then together. Newer models may need a different process. That is to press any three buttons consecutively, twice in a row. 

2. Checking Connections

Check the power connections, the cord, and the wires and ensure they’re tightly secured. The issue can be as simple as a loose wire sometimes. 

3. Check Mounting

Check the mounting that holds the user interface in place. It can catch moisture or warp or come loose. Opening it up, cleaning it, and reattaching it can fix the problem. 

4. Check Wiring

A frayed or loose wire connecting the UI to the control board can also result in an F2E2 error code. Check for any faulty wires and have them replaced. Gently clean the control board and ensure the wires are plugged in tightly.

5. Stacking Racks Properly

Stack your dishwasher racks properly, so they’re sliding seamlessly as intended. Not doing this can lead to the F2E2 error code. 

6. Check Circulation Pump

Replace the circulation pump if you find it to be broken. This is an integral part of the dishwasher and needs to be checked on a reasonably regular basis. 

If none of these steps end up working, the option you’re left with is consulting a professional. 

They can diagnose the reason for the error code by going over some of the more technical parts of the dishwasher. This includes checking the user interface and the control board. 

The professional could recommend you to get the control board replaced. It’s a fairly complicated process and needs to be done by a technician. 

How To Prevent Whirlpool Error Code F2E2?

Here are a few steps to keep the error code F2E2 from popping up on your Whirlpool dishwasher. 

  1. Service the machine regularly. 
  2. Check the wires and plug regularly and that they are functioning properly. 
  3. Replace the mounting around the UI if it’s been damaged. 
  4. Always ensure the dishwasher rack is stacked correctly. 
  5. Regularly check for any leaks in the dishwasher. 
  6. Clean your dishwasher once a month if you’re using it regularly. 

Final Remarks

The possible reasons behind the F2E2 error in a Whirlpool dishwasher are : 

  1. Loose connections. 
  2. Warped mounting pieces. 
  3. Wiring issues. 
  4. Broken circulation pump. 
  5. Dishwasher leaks. 
  6. Improperly stacked dishwasher racks. 

The fixes for an F2E2 error code are : 

  1. Reset the dishwasher. 
  2. Secure any loose connections and wires. 
  3. Clean the mountings. 
  4. Replace frayed or damaged wires. 
  5. Properly stack the dishwasher rack. 
  6. Clean the control board. 
  7. Has a skilled technician replaced the board?