LOC Error Code Whirlpool Oven (Solution)

Whirlpool ovens are of exceptionally high quality and last for a long time. They are a top choice for bakers who love their endless features and customization.

However, people might get concerned when an oven refuses to work correctly. The LOC Error is one of the most common errors on a Whirlpool oven.

While sometimes it’s the oven’s fault, it may be because of you. If you have accidentally selected the child lock feature, you will have trouble opening the range.

However, no matter the reason, you must fix the error immediately. Otherwise, you won’t be able to unlock the oven and use it again.

This article will share some quick and easy fixes for the LOC error. Luckily all the fixes are easy and won’t require any tools.

What To Do For LOC Error Code In A Whirlpool Oven?

LOC Error Code Whirlpool Oven ( Do THIS One Thing!)

You must disengage the lock by pressing the start button for ten seconds to solve a LOC error code in your Whirlpool oven. Alternatively, you can unplug the range from the power outlet and plug it back in after ten seconds.

If your whirlpool oven has a LOC Error Code on display, the oven door will be locked shut. The control panel will also have all buttons deactivated, so you won’t be able to operate the oven.

However, there is no reason to panic; you can quickly solve this error at home.

Trust me when I say you won’t require professional help. Here are some easy fixes to solve the problem if that happens to you.

1. Press And Hold the Start Button

If the LOC Error code has been displayed on the screen, the door won’t open if you pull it.

Instead, you must press and hold the start button for three seconds to disengage the lock. If the controls on your oven need to be fixed, you can hold the start button for longer.

You will see that the error code has disappeared, and the door lock has been disengaged. You can now open the oven without any additional problems. 

2. Unplug The Oven From The Power Outlet

If the start button is no help, you can unplug the oven. Remove its connection from the power outlet, so the electricity flow has been interrupted.

Keep the oven unplugged for around 5 minutes before plugging it back in. Now, you will find that the microwave is back to default settings.

There will be no sign of the error code, and you can operate the oven normally. You can run a quick bake test to see if everything is working smoothly. 

3. Reset The Oven Completely

Even if you can open the oven after replugging, it’s essential to reset the stove so that the problem is gone completely. To reset the range, you must keep it unplugged for 5 minutes. 

After that, you can replug the oven with the power outlet. Next, you must run a bake cycle without anything on the glass plate.

If the error code shows again, you need to call a professional. If the LOC code doesn’t appear again, you can use the oven without any worries.

Do Whirlpool Ovens Have A Reset Button?

No, Whirlpool ovens don’t have a dedicated reset button. However, you can reset the oven by unplugging, replugging, and running a bake cycle in the oven.

As the oven said, resetting an oven is a must every time. It ensures the oven is error free and can be operated without any other maintenance work.

Since Whirlpool ovens don’t have a dedicated reset button, you can reset the oven manually through an empty bake cycle.

The process is slightly complicated, but it is what it is. The brand will recognize the need for a dedicated button and soon include it in newer models.

How Do You Control The Lock On A Whirlpool Oven?

The lock of a microwave engages automatically during an oven cycle. You can also lock it safely using the child lock feature on the oven.

Whirlpool ovens have an easy lock system. When in use, the lock stays engaged so that no one can accidentally open the door and interrupt the cooking.

The lock will automatically disengage when the cycle is complete. However, if you have kids at home and want to secure it better, you can activate the child lock feature.

This feature won’t allow your child to open the oven and hurt themselves accidentally. If the lock doesn’t disengage, you can press the start button for three seconds to unlock it.

A Whirlpool oven won’t work without its lock, so there is no way to bypass it. Bypassing the lock on an oven is also super risky, so I recommend you discard those thoughts immediately.

Do Self Cleaning Ovens Lock?

Yes, self-cleaning ovens of recent make have automatic locks. The oven door stays locked throughout the cleaning cycle and can be opened after it’s done.

If you have a self-cleaning oven at home, you will find that the oven automatically locks its door during the cleaning. That’s because it doesn’t want you to interrupt its clean cycle.

Additionally, opening an oven during self-cleaning can be dangerous. Therefore, the lock ensures your safety.

The lock of the oven will disengage once the cleaning cycle is over. Depending on your model, the process may last around 30 minutes to an hour.

Therefore, if your oven is not opening during self-cleaning, don’t panic. You can use it only after it’s done with its work.

Final Remarks

I’m sure by now you know a lot more about the LOC problem in an oven. You will find that all of the fixes are super easy and can be done without a professional. 

However, if the problem persists, it’s better to call a professional for help. You can either call a Whirlpool technician or hire someone local with good experience. 

If you have missed anything, here’s a quick recap. Ways to solve Whirlpool oven LOC error:-

  1. Press And Hold the Start Button
  2. Unplug The Oven From The Power Outlet
  3. Reset The Oven Completely