Whirlpool Duet Washer Won’t Start (It Just Beeps)

Whirlpool makes some of the most reliable washers, which many of us rightly love. Mine has been through hundreds of sets of clothes and has proven to be a great purchase.

But the fact is that sometimes, the washer will not start no matter what you do.

In this article, I will show you several ways to fix a Whirlpool washer that won’t turn on so that you can clean your next batch of clothes in no time.

Whirlpool Duet Not Starting

Whirlpool Duet Washer Won't Start (It Just Beeps)

A Whirlpool Duet washer may not start due to incorrect settings or faulty parts like the motor, control lock, or timer. These issues can be fixed by replacing these parts.

You can take the following steps in case your washer is not starting.

1. Check the washer power

Even before you think something might be wrong with your washer, check out the power situation in your home, as every washer needs a source of electricity to power its motor and other functions.

Here are a few ways you can make sure there are no power issues.

1. Test your outlet

Ensure the washer’s plug is securely plugged into an outlet. If it does not power on, plug in another appliance to find out if the outlet is faulty or the washer.

2. Look for blown fuses or tripped breakers

Check your home’s circuit box and replace any blown fuses or breakers. Note that washers need at least two of them to run.

3. Do not use extension cords

These cords can’t power large appliances and lead to overheating as they cannot safely conduct the required voltages. Plug your washer directly into the wall.

2. Reset the washer

Modern Whirlpool Duets are great machines that require little to no effort from the user’s side. Part of what makes them so great is that they run their calculations digitally on algorithms.

Sometimes, these algorithms can fail due to many causes- maybe there was a sudden power spike, or you might have replaced a part incorrectly.

Before we move on to more complex and complicated methods, it is always best to try the more straightforward solutions first. This solution is to reset the washer.

The easiest way to do this is by unplugging the washer for about 5 minutes and then plugging it back in.

If this does not work, unplug it again and wait 10-30 minutes before plugging it back in. This usually resets the board and clears any errors.

3. Ensure the door latches

Another solution you might be overlooking is the door latch not closing all the way through, which could be caused due to several reasons.

Duet washers will only start if the door is closed as a safety precaution. If your washer is not starting, here’s what you should check concerning the door latch.

1. Close the door firmly

Even if the door might appear close to you, it might need a firmer push to get the latch to lock. You will hear a click when it’s latched properly.

2. Look for blockages

Clean out lint or dirt that might be left over from your previous use of the washer, which could be causing the latch not to engage correctly.

3. Check for a broken latch

If the washer still doesn’t start, the latch may be broken and unable to send a start signal to the washer. I recommend you call a Whirlpool technician to replace your door latch.

4. Turn off Control Lock

One of the other possibilities that can cause the washer not to turn on is the control lock function being activated.

Whirlpool washers have this function to prevent accidental starts. It does this by locking all tasks on the control panel, including the start button, which lets you turn the dyer on.

The control lock feature can be turned on for various reasons you might have yet to learn. However, it can also be turned off just as quickly.

If the is a dedicated control lock button, press that button and hold it for 3 seconds

Otherwise, press and hold the option key saying “Control Lock Hold 3 Sec” under it for 3 seconds.

5. Use the correct washer settings

The washer settings are one more thing you need to check before we move on to replacing the washer parts.

Firstly, make sure that you have yet to accidentally turn on the delayed start function and forget about it. And if you have, check if it occupies your current cycle time.

Once clear, change your washer settings to reflect your load at the main control panel by picking and adjusting the various settings provided.

If the washer displays an error code during this process, you have an incorrect wash cycle set.

You can also run a diagnostic test to find the root cause of the problem. This can be done by tapping any three keys (other than the power button) 3 times.

6. Check the control board and other parts

1. Control Board

If you notice that some buttons on your Whirlpool washer work only sporadically while others do not when pressed, the issue might lie with a faulty control board.

This board is behind the control panel, at the top of the washer, and is responsible for starting functions like washing and drying in the machine.

2. Timer

Whirlpool washers have a timing system made up of timers, which control all washer functions like spinning and cycling. It is responsible for advancing the washer through its cycles.

The timer might be at fault if your washer doesn’t start or only works in some cycles but not in others. Replacing a timer assembly requires much knowledge and is best left to the professionals.

3. Motor

The drive motor or the rotor is the most crucial element of any washer as it is the instrument that is powering it. It can get chipped away over years of use.

Suppose there’s a burning smell or a humming noise every time you start your Whirlpool washer. In that case, a professional should check your motor out ASAP to avoid more damage.

Is Fixing A Broken Whirlpool Duet Washing Machine Worth It?

A malfunctioning Whirlpool Duet machine can have a minor problem that needs a quick fix. Still, it can also be a huge headache if the problem bears a high price tag.

You can fix certain problems at home, like resetting the washer. Other problems need to be tackled by a professional to be fixed properly.

If your old washer can be repaired for less than half the price of a new washer, it is the obvious choice to improve your existing machine.

If your machine is under warranty, you might save some money here. If that’s not the case and the repair costs more than half the price of a new washer, I suggest you buy a new washer.

What Causes Whirlpool Duet Washing Machines Not To Start?

Although Whirlpool makes excellent machines known to stand the test of time, carelessness on the user’s part may make its lifetime much shorter.

Here are some of the many reasons why your Whirlpool Duet might not be starting.

  • Slamming the door shut and not being gentle with it. This can cause damage to the latch mechanism over time.
  • Not routinely checking and cleaning the lint trap once a month to remove built-up debris and blockages.
  • Using cord extensions can cause more harm to the washer than good. It is always advisable to plug your washer directly into the wall.
  • Using the incorrect water pressure can cause your washer not to start. Ensure your house’s water pressure is within the recommended pressure for your washer.

Final Remarks

A Whirlpool washer that doesn’t start when you want your clothes clean is not something you want to be stuck with. However, there are several easy fixes to overcome this.

  1. Check the washer’s power
  2. Reset the washer
  3. Check that the door latches
  4. Turn off the control lock
  5. Use the correct washer settings
  6. Check the control board and other parts