Whirlpool Freezer Not Freezing (EASY Fix)

Whirlpool refrigerators offer fantastic versatility, delightful innovation, and a premium feel.

But sometimes, it just happens that their freezer stops freezing. After all, it is a complex machine with too many moving parts.

To get it back to working correctly, you need to break down the functions of all the parts and diagnose the problem.

The problem could be from dirty condenser coils to faulty door settings, resulting in the inability of the freezer to do a proper job. So, let us dive deeper into this and see how you can fix it at home with no added service cost.

Whirlpool Freezer Not Freezing

Whirlpool Freezer Not Freezing (Super EASY Fix)

Condensor coils, door seals, power cords, or power sources can all be the root cause behind the Whirlpool freezer not freezing. A faulty thermostat is also one of the main reasons, so it is essential to see where it is located.

1. Check The Condensor Coils

Usually situated at the back or bottom of the freezer, condenser coils are responsible for decreasing the heat in the appliance and emitting cold air.

Due to constant pressure and location in an inaccessible place, these coils get dirty quickly, with buildup forming over them. This weakens the cooling capacity of the freezer.

One of the best ways to notice if the condenser coils are dirty is to see if the freezer has been noisier than usual lately.

You can clean the condenser coils at home using the following steps.

  1. Unplug your Whirlpool fridge from the power source.
  2. Pull it away from the wall so you can access the back and underside of the appliance. 
  3. If the coils are under the fridge, you may see a toe guard that you can remove for easy access. 
  4. Then, use a vacuum with a hose attachment and a dryer brush to remove all the dirt and debris from the coils.
  5. Reattach them carefully after cleaning them. Make sure to avoid jostling any other wiring in the process.

2. Check The Temperature Settings

The placement of temperature settings on the display panel varies from model to model. 

Suppose you do not know where the freezer’s thermostat is located. In that case, you can refer to the user’s manual for more information.

Ensure that the fridge temperature readings meet the required temperature settings.

Sometimes, a problem with the control thermostat also leads to the inability to freeze in the freezer. The warm air emitted is often a function of an accidentally pushed button.

3. Check The Setting Controls

If there is no problem with the temperature setting, it is essential to check the thermostat.

Suppose you do not notice any fault with the temperature setting but still feel the emittance of warm air from the freezer. In that case, the responsibility lies with the setting controls.

While trying to set the thermostat setting from the lowest to the highest one, it requires replacement if you do not hear the sound of the click.

Call for a professional or a technician to replace it as it is a sensitive part, and further damage can cost you more.

4. Clear The Freezer Shelves

Packing can prevent the freezer from freezing correctly.

Overpacking the freezer shelf can also cause it to not freeze appropriately because of the low emittance of cold air.

Clearing out the freezer shelves can solve most of the problems related to the freezer.

Avoid overcrowding the freezer and use only the pace and dimensions that the appliance will allow or are mentioned in the user’s manual.

Regularly clean the exposed areas to remove any buildup or spills. This helps with the freezing efficiency of the freezer.

5. Check The Door Seal For Shipping Spacer

Always double-check there is no residual shipping spacer obstructing the freezer door. It is one of the most common reasons why the appliance is not freezing up.

This is one of the biggest reasons the freezer is not freezing despite being a brand-new Whirlpool refrigerator.

When your freezer is not freezing up, your first response should be to check if it is plugged into a functioning outlet.

After this, make sure you have selected the desired temperature setting. You can find the recommended temperature on the user’s manual or the leaflet that comes with the appliance. 

Suppose this does not work either, and your freezer is brand new. In that case, chances are the shipping spacer is obstructing the door from fully closing and, thus, not freezing up properly.

This is generally on the outside of the freezer’s door contact area, where your door closes with a click.

Make sure to remove all the packaging from the freezer before using it. Turn the appliance on only if you hear the doors clicking into place.

6. Check For Any Buildup

Sometimes foreign dirt particles might get stuck between the door and the lock, thus preventing it from closing correctly. This is why the freezer needs to become warmer.

When the freezer is old and neither cleaned properly nor serviced regularly, dust or buildup from the food or buildup might get stuck around the door.

Frost buildup might also be obstructing the door.

If there is an excessive amount of dirt and grime near the contacts of the door, it will not freeze up enough. This will cause the door not to close correctly, and the freezing temperature might also rise.

Pay close attention to regularly cleaning near the door contacts to fix this. Unplug the freezer from its power supply so you can clean it without worrying about accidents.

How To Ensure That The Freezer Is Cold And Working Properly?

Follow the steps below to make sure that the freezer is cold and working correctly:

  1. If you do not get the appliance serviced regularly, it is advised that you clean it once a couple of months.
  2. Keep the freezer components clean. Condenser coils must be cleaned periodically.
  3. Make sure that the appliance is not cooped up in a small dingy corner and has access to open airways.
  4. Make sure to fix the door seal as soon as you notice any fault with them.

Final Remarks

It is frustrating when you suddenly have guests over or just returned from a hot day outside. There is no ice for your drink, or your freezer needs to be freezing correctly.

Luckily, despite being a complex machine, there are chances that the problem can be solved at home very easily with several proven fixes.

  1. Clean the condenser coils
  2. Check the temperature settings
  3. Check the settings control
  4. Clean the freezer shelves
  5. Check for a leaky door seal
  6. Check for frost buildup