Whirlpool Microwave Start Button Not Working (Solution)

Whirlpool microwaves are popular among people due to their efficiency and long life. The brand has already made a name for producing high-quality home appliances.

Imagine your annoyance when such a great microwave refuses to start. Sometimes, you may notice that your Start Button is not making your Whirlpool microwave work as it should.

While it’s not indicative of a big problem, there is always a possibility of significant faults in the system. To help you solve this issue, I have put together a list of easy fixes that should work just right.

Here is a list of tools that you will require when fixing the Start Button in your Whirlpool microwave:-

  1. Screwdriver
  2. Screws
  3. Gloves
  4. Flathead screwdriver 
  5. Multimeter 

How To Fix The Start Button On Whirlpool Microwaves?

Whirlpool Microwave Start Button Not Working (Solution)

Microwaves are essential in our lives today. When they malfunction, people are bound to get frustrated.

Replacing a microwave or calling a professional can be a costly affair. Therefore, most people like me prefer fixing their microwave at home.

Thanks to the internet, there are many tutorials available for the same. However, to fix your Whirlpool microwave, you must first identify the problem’s exact cause. 

I will provide you with a list of possible reasons why your microwave Start Button is not working. Here are some easy fixes that can help you troubleshoot your Whirlpool microwave.

1. Make sure the door is locked properly.

Microwaves come with a variety of door-locking systems. You must remember that your microwave won’t start if the door is not appropriately locked. 

Depending on the model of your whirlpool microwave, you need to check your door to find faults with the locking system. If there’s a loose door lock, you need to fix it immediately. 

You can pry open the door cabinet using a flathead screwdriver. Next, remove the door lock and find the spring that connects the two ends. 

Fix the spring to any part of the door frame and make sure it is secure. Pop the door cabinet back into the door and check the locking system.

2. Disable the child lock on your microwave

Sometimes, the start button on your microwave may not work because you have enabled child lock. A child lock system has been created to discourage kids from accidentally starting the microwave.

If, for some reason, you have set off this feature, the start button won’t work like it used to. You can either disable this lock from the settings or go through the user manual to see how to start the microwave with a child lock system.

3. Check and replace the membrane switch.

The membrane switch intercepts the touch signals and conveys them to the system. When this switch becomes faulty, the membrane won’t convey the signal, and the microwave won’t start.

The easy solution, in this case, would be to replace the membrane switch. The process, however, is slightly complicated.

First and foremost, you must ensure that the microwave has been properly discharged. Allow it to be left away from the electric supply for a few days.

After discharging the microwave, remove the outer cabinet or body of the microwave to access the internal parts. Find the membrane switch and disconnect the wires.

Now test the continuity with a multimeter. If the continuity is interrupted, replace the membrane switch and reassemble the microwave.

What Is The Most Common Cause Of Microwave Failure In Whirlpool Devices?

The most common cause of a failing microwave is the failure of magnetrons. The magnetron is responsible for producing the high voltage frequencies that help the appliance cook food.

When this fails, you won’t get adequate heating to cook or even warm your food in the microwave. If your Whirlpool microwave doesn’t work properly, this might be a plausible reason. 

Other common reasons for a microwave failure include faulty wiring, door switch problem, short circuit, and control board failure. Just replacing parts at home can solve most of these problems.

How Do I Know If My Whirlpool Microwave Fuse Is Blown?

To know if your whirlpool microwave has a blown fuse, you need to remove the fuse from the body and then test it through a multimeter. If the multimeter device shows no continuity, the fuse is blown.

A microwave has its fuse located in the interior regions of the appliance. To locate and remove the fuse, you must remove the outer components and cabinets.

The exact location of the fuse depends on the model. You will find details on the same in your user and installation manuals.

Always makes sure the capacitor has been properly discharged when removing the fuse. Connect the fuse with a standard or digital multimeter and check for continuity.

The fuse is broken if the continuity is broken or the multimeter doesn’t produce a significant reading. If the multimeter shows a good reading, the fuse is working just fine.

Are Whirlpool Microwaves Worth Repairing?

Microwaves are worth repairing if the faults are minimal and you don’t involve a professional. However, if there is a magnetron failure, there is no point in repairing the appliance.

It’s relatively expensive to buy a microwave. Therefore, I will always suggest checking if you can fix it at home.

DIY work on your microwave can be extremely cheap and save you a few bucks. However, suppose you are unsure of your skills and are afraid of disassembling a microwave. In that case, it’s better to call a professional. 

Generally, a microwave must be replaced every seven years when it is well maintained. Therefore, you need to consider its lifespan before attempting expensive repairs on the appliance. 

Final Remarks

I’m sure I was able to give you some ideas about what might have gone wrong. The Start button is often prone to wear and tear because we use it often.

While a simple microwave reset might solve the problem, it may not always be the possible solution. If you are lucky enough, you won’t have to spend much money fixing the problem.

However, for more extensive issues, you can always fix them at home or call a professional for help. Here are some of the possible fixes that I’ve talked about in this article:-

  1. Make sure the door is locked properly
  2. Disable the child lock on your microwave
  3. Check and replace the membrane switch
  4. Replace defective control panel