Washing Machine Water Valve Won’t Shut Off (EASY Fix!)

If a washing machine valve is not shutting off, it has been damaged and needs replacement. Alternatively, there can be a problem with water pressure and the motor control board of the machine.

A faulty water valve can overflow water in the drum and cause flooding problems. 

It will hinder the normal working of the washer and cause water leakage issues. It is better to fix such problems before flooding the basement.

I had a neighbor who had his washer overflow, and you can trust me when I say it’s not a favorable situation. If you have a faulty water valve in your washer, you must look at this article.

I will explain the various reasons that might cause a water valve to malfunction. I will also provide easy fixes for your problem and let you know if you must change your washer.

Why Does the Washing Machine Water Valve Not Shut Off?

washing machine valve won't shut off

There can be multiple reasons why the washer valve is not shutting off. When faced with this problem, you need to check all possible issues to get to the root of the problem.

Although some of these problems are easily repairable, others will need you to change the washing machine entirely. Here are some top reasons why you have a faulty water valve.

1. Clogged Filters

A clogged filter can be a big problem with an easy fix. Due to the accumulation of detergent and debris like lint, filters might get blocked in a washing machine.

When this filter is clogged, it causes the water not to drain correctly and affects the water valve. It would be best to clean water filters frequently to avoid this problem. 

2. Water pressure

Low water pressure might confuse the water valve since soft water pressure means the tub will take more time to fill.

The external water pressure might sometimes jam the valve and prevent it from shutting off. Most washers will warn you when there is an issue of low water supply.

3. Water Valve Damaged

A broken or damaged water valve won’t work correctly. A close inspection of the valve will quickly show you the problem.

When a water valve is damaged, you need to fix it immediately. The machine will overfill and flood your laundry room without a proper water valve.

4. Damaged Control Board 

A damaged control board is a big problem for a washing machine. Since it helps regulate the function of other parts, a malfunctioning control board will also hinder the working of the water valve.

However, replacing a control board can be an expensive affair. I recommend calling a professional or getting a new washing machine when this happens.

How To Fix a Water Valve that Won’t Shut Off?

When a water valve is not working correctly, it is better to change it entirely. If the valve appears to have aged or broken down, you need to change it immediately.

If you are looking for easy fixes for water valves, they are only possible under certain conditions. For example, suppose the problem lies with the water supply. In that case, you can turn off the machine and restore adequate water pressure before restarting it.

A clogged filter is easy to remove and clean and won’t require any tools. However, when the problem lies with the control board, it’s better to look into newer washers.

The problem might also occur due to a faulty water valve. In this case, here are the steps to change the water valve.

  1. Unplug the washer and turn off the water supply. 
  2. Remove fill hoses at the back of the machine. Some water might come out from these hoses.
  3. Remove the top panel by unscrewing the joints from the back. The connector will be located just below the upper edge of the machine.
  4. Disconnect all the valve wires. Do it gently to avoid damage to the delicate wiring.
  5. Take out the valve pipe by disconnecting the clamps. You can do this using pillars.
  6. Take out the water valve from the machine. There will be connecting screws located on the otd3r end of the valve.
  7. Replace the valve with a new one. Reassemble the parts and test the washer to check if it’s working
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What is the Cost of Replacing a Washing Machine Water Inlet Valve?

The cost of replacing a water inlet valve will be around 30-60 dollars depending on your model. If you hire a professional, the prices can go up to a few hundred dollars.

The best and most affordable way to install a new water valve would be to do it yourself. It saves significantly on labor costs. 

However, installing a water valve is no joke. There is a high amount of delicate wiring involved, so you must perform each task with utmost care.

If money is not an issue, you can hire a professional. However, with some help and tutorials, you can do it yourself.

How Often Should Shut-Off Valves Be Replaced?

Water valves in a washer have a decade-long life. You will need to change them every ten years or so.

Changing water valves entirely depends on how long they hold up. In most cases, they can be suitable for up to 10 years or longer. 

However, if you have bad luck, they can break down way before that. Additionally, washers used frequently and carelessly will bear some damage to their water valves in around 7-8 years.

There is no need to change a water valve if the damage is not apparent. However, it would help if you made regular inspections after the 10-year mark to avoid unnecessary problems. 

Final Remarks 

Washers with broken water inlet valves can be a significant inconvenience for people. It’s better to take action and replace them before you lose other essential parts of the machine.

If the problem is due to external factors, take steps accordingly and deal with the situation. Here is a quick recap of what I’ve talked about here.

Low water pressure and clogged filters generally result in faulty washer inlet valves. Broken water valves and short-circuited motherboards can also cause them.