Why Does My Washer Shake Really Bad (Easy Fix)

A shaking washing machine is not a big problem since washers spin fast. The washer will shake a little during the spin cycle since it’s turning the clothes extremely fast.

However, when there is a significant difference in the vibration of the washer, this might not be a typical laundry day. If you find your washing machine shaking aggressively, you must end this problem. 

I have often fixed washers that had problems with being imbalanced or were shaking way too much. There can be multiple reasons and fixes for washers, and I will discuss them below.

Here are the tools that you will need when fixing a washer that Shakes badly:-

  1. Screwdriver
  2. Flathead screwdriver 
  3. Hammer
  4. Screws
  5. Drilling machine

Washer Shakes A Lot

Washer shakes really bad

If your washer is shaking badly, you need to fix it immediately. Sometimes, the underlying problems can be dire and might require immediate intervention. 

I have already lost a perfect (and comparatively new) washer because I dismissed the problem as uneventful. You need not repeat the same mistake because I will help you with some guaranteed solutions.

1. Check the Leveling 

Leveling issues are one of the most common reasons a machine shakes too much. You might have accidentally displaced the washer and caused it to become unstable on the ground.

Having washers on a carpeted surface can also make it go off-balance because they tend to make the ground uneven. You can check the leveling of your machine and remove any object that might get stuck behind its legs.

2. Avoid Overloading and Remove Excess Load

Overloading the washing machine does bear consequences, much to many people’s surprise. There are reasons why you should never overload your washer, no matter how tempting it might be. 

When a washer is overloaded, it can shake too much during the spin cycle. Before operating the washer, make sure not to fill it and keep the load well within limits. 

Most washers have overload warnings that light up when you operate the machine. Don’t try to run the engine before offloading excess laundry before starting a wash cycle.

3. Check for Stuck Laundry or Debris 

Unbeknownst to you, there might be small objects stuck inside the machine. Small pieces of clothing can get stuck below the tub or between the agitator and the inner tub. 

Even pieces of debris like broken chains, coins, zips, etc. can get stuck inside the machine and make the washer imbalanced. You will then need to remove the agitator, and the debris or laundry stuck in the drum.

Removing stuck laundry from the machine will require complete disassembly of the device. It’s better to call a professional to do it properly.

4. Remove Shipping Bolts Before Wash Cycle

When a washing machine is delivered, shipping bolts help to keep it in place and avoid transit damage. These bolts need to be removed before use.

Sometimes, you may forget about these shipping bolts when installing a machine. Leftover bolts may cause the machine to become imbalanced and lead to excess shaking.

You must carefully screw out these bolts with a screwdriver and then use the machine. Even if you have already used it with the shipping bolts intact, I recommend removing them ASAP.

5. Check and Replace Drum Bearings/Spyder/Coupler

Sometimes, a shaking washer signifies a bigger problem than stuck laundry. Failed drum bearings are also one of the top reasons why your washer is shaking violently.

If your machine is old, it is natural for the drum bearings, spyder, or coupler to wear out and require replacement. To replace them, remove the drum from the washer by removing the outer casing.

Additionally, you need to disconnect the control panel, water valves, detergent tray, and motor controls from the drum before taking the tub and separating it.

Do Front Load Washers Vibrate More Than Top Load?

Front-load washers vibrate much more than top-load washers because of a much faster spin cycle.

Front load washers are said to shake more than top load washers. If you have noticed this difference between the two washing machine types, you are entirely correct in your assumption. 

Since front load washer dry clothes are way better than top load ones, they require a faster spin cycle. This causes the washer to shake too much, especially with a heavy load.

Why is My Washer Drum Banging Around?

If your washer drum is banging around, there should be a problem with your drum bearings. When drum bearings fail or get cracked, the tub may separate from the bearings and cause it to bang around.

Like any machinery, drum bearings will get damaged after prolonged use. When they fail, the tub cannot move freely and bangs around during the spin cycle.

It will also emit much noise due to the tub hitting the bearings and the inside of the washer at high speed. You will need to replace these bearings by removing them from the machine and installing a new one.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace Drum Bearings In A Washing Machine?

Drum bearings are cheap to replace if you do it independently. Simple DIYs and YouTube tutorials will help you install a new drum bearing for $15-30.

If you replace more than one bearing, the price will increase slightly. It will be well under 100 dollars even if you replace both bearings. 

However, since replacing it is a little complicated, you might require professional help. When you call for a trained professional, the service price will easily cost you $150-200 minus tips.

Final Remarks 

A washer that appears to shake too much is not always associated with mechanical failure. You must check for all problems to determine why your washer is shaking.

Here are some of the possible reasons why your washer is shaking badly:-

  1. The laundry is stuck between the tub and the agitator.
  2. The washer leveling is improper.
  3. You have overloaded the washer.
  4. The drum bearings have gone bad.
  5. Shipping bolts need to be removed.