How To Unfreeze Washer Pipes (Step By Step)

Washing machines are a handy gadget for any household. When they malfunction, there will be loads of trouble doing laundry at home.

In winter, washing machine pipes may freeze and become impossible to operate. Frozen Pipes can be bad news because washing clothes by hand in winter is a recipe for disaster. 

However, some simple fixes can help you solve this problem. To fix Frozen washer pipes at home, you will not require any tools.

Washer Water Pipe Frozen 

How To Unfreeze Washer Pipes?

When your washing machine pipes clog up, there can be many reasons. In winter, they might get utterly frozen if the temperature falls considerably. 

The drain pipes and the tub especially get frozen during the cold season. They will hinder the normal operations of the machine. Now, without solving this problem, you won’t be able to use the washer at all.

Freezing pipes are a recurring problem in my home. I struggled for three winters before succumbing and building a freeze-proof laundry room. Since I have already dealt with this particular problem, I can share some fool-proof troubleshooting steps to unfreeze your washer.

Here are some of my top solutions when unfreezing water pipes in a washer.

1. Unlocking washer water pipes

washer back panel

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If you are confident about your mechanical skills, you can try to remove the drain hoses from the pipe stand in your house. Next, you need to remove the other part of the drain hose that is attached to your washer.

A metal clamp will secure the drain pipe to the machine. Gently remove it by pressing down on the clamp holders and wiggling it upwards.

After removing the clamp, remove the drain hose and put it separately in a tub. Keep the tub in a warm room to let it unfreeze and Thaw out.

2. Applying Heat To Frozen Pipes

If you cannot remove the drain hose, there are other ways to go about it. Sometimes the pipe may freeze so severely that removing the tube from the machine would be impossible without causing further damage.

In this case, you need to apply external heat to the area to thaw it out slightly. Remember that applying too much heat may damage the outer parts of the machine and make it unsafe for use.

The ideal way to thaw out the connected parts would be to use a mild hair dryer to heat the area. You can also use a warm press cloth after soaking it in lukewarm water for some time.

3. Removing The Machine To A Warm PlaceĀ 


If all solutions fail, you must relocate the washing machine to a warmer place before using it. Sometimes, your washer might just be in the wrong place entirely.

Even if you thaw out two pipes, they might freeze in a few minutes if the washer placement is inappropriate for winter. In this case, you need to disconnect the washer from the water valves, drain the hose, and move the machine to a warmer place.

How Long Does It Take Pipes To Unfreeze?

When trying to unfreeze washer pipes, it might take a while before the lines can be used again. In freezing weather, it would take up to 15-30 minutes to unfreeze on its own.

If you can remove the pipe and put it in a warmer place, it will hardly take 15-30 minutes to unfreeze completely. You can also use vinegar and baking soda to clean the pipe faster.

However, leaving the pipe on its own will take a long time to unfreeze. If the weather doesn’t improve, it will remain frozen throughout the winter.

Can You Let Frozen Pipes Thaw On Their Own?

It is improbable that frozen pipes will automatically unfreeze on their own.

The fact is, it is downright risky to leave frozen pipes in a washer. Leaving water in a washer might start solidifying as the weather around the machine drops to freezing temperatures. 

When this happens, the frozen water expands as it’s supposed to. This can have grave consequences on your washer, leading to blown-up and cracked pipes.

Frozen pipes, in turn, may affect other parts of your washer, and ultimately the machine will suffer extensive damage. These damages can be expensive and tough to make worthy of use.

How Much Does It Cost To Unfreeze A Washer Water Pipe?

Unfreezing a water pipe will cost you nothing if you do it yourself. You will need to disconnect the pipes and keep them in a warmer place to thaw on their own.

Calling a professional is always an expensive affair. A mechanic will quickly charge anywhere from 30-50 dollars per hour, depending on your location.

You can work on the frozen pipes to avoid this unnecessary expense. Not much skill is needed to remove washer pipes from the machine, so there is no need to worry about calling a professional. 

There are also plenty of youtube videos and tutorials that will help you with this task. However, suppose you are still unsure and confused about this problem. In that case, you must get ready to spend a minimum of $50 to call a maintenance specialist. 

Final Remarks

Freezing pipes can be bad news for your house. It would mean no clean laundry for days in the end. 

If you live in frigid climates when it’s unlikely for the weather to get better soon, you need to thaw the pipes yourself. It must be clear that leaving them alone will lead to further damage.

To avoid losing your washer pipes completely, you should unfreeze them as soon as possible. Here are some of the possible fixes I’ve talked about:-

  1. Detach the drain pipes from the washer and move them to a warmer place.
  2. Apply light heat to the frozen pipe to thaw it out little by little.
  3. Move the entire washer to a better and warmer room to avoid future issues.