Fix A Maytag Washer That Takes Too Long To Wash

Maytag is one of America’s favorite washer brands. Rightfully so, they make some of the most reliable washers. I do not regret buying mine, as it has proven to be great.

But the fact is that sometimes, the washer will take way too long to wash, no matter what you do.

In this article, I will show you several ways you can fix a Maytag washer that will only wash slowly so that you can get your next batch of clothes clean in no time.

Maytag Washer Takes Too Long To Wash

How To Fix A Maytag Washer That Takes Too Long To Wash?

A Maytag washer may take too long to wash due to heavy loads, incorrect voltages and water pressure, or faulty parts. These issues can be fixed by making changes or replacing said parts.

Here are the steps you can take if your washer takes too long to wash.

1. Change the load

Modern Maytag washers come equipped with a new feature called load sense.

As the name implies, it detects the load you put in, adjusts wash settings, and cycles accordingly.

It does this by measuring the weight of items and their densities. The machine can take longer to wash if you put in heavier items like jeans and jackets, and lesser for lighter clothes.

The washer will have trouble gauging this if you put clothes of different weights and densities. It will take longer to finish the cycle.

However, your Maytag washer might also have a malfunctioning load sense which might prolong the wash cycle even if the clothing items require it.

A faulty load sense can be linked to a problem with the control board, and since repairing it is complex, getting a professional’s help is the way to go here.

2. Check the voltage

Maytag washers need a steady stream of electricity in the standard voltage to operate correctly. Voltages above or below the standard might cause the washer to malfunction.

When the washer is supplied with low voltages, it will stop functioning temporarily and resume operating when the power levels are stable.

If the power keeps fluctuating, it might cause the washer to prolong its current wash cycle or, worse, stop functioning altogether.

In this case, I recommend seeking help from an experienced. This could lead to more significant issues where the electricity voltage in your house is below standard.

3. Adjust water pressure

Another reason your Maytag washer takes too long to wash might be the water pressure supplied being too low.

Washers need a set water pressure delivered, which they will need help to operate as usual.

Water pressure being too low will cause your Maytag washer to take more time to achieve the same results, i.e., washing a batch of clothes.

You can check the water pressure by looking at the pressure gauge attached to the water line in your house or by plugging a pressure gauge into the valve behind your washing machine.

To allow your Maytag washer to run smoothly, the water supply should maintain pressures between 1 bar and 10 bars (0.1 – 1 MPa).

If your pressure is lower than this, your water pipes may be leaking or clogged. You will need to call a professional to get this issue checked out.

4. Clean or replace the water inlet valve

As the name implies, the water inlet valve in your washer feeds it water. If the valve is not functioning, it will lead to the washer taking more time to fill.

The washer will only start if it detects enough water inside and will run each wash cycle in more time if there is no steady water supply.

Here’s what you should do regarding the water inlet valve in your Maytag washer:

  1. Check if the water inlet valves are open if you recently turned off the water supply to your washing machine.
  2. Test the solenoids in your valve to see if they are still functioning; if not, have a professional replace them.
  3. Look to clear out any mineral blockages in your valves and pipes. This issue will be more prevalent if you have hard water in your home, and you might want to invest in a softener.

5. Install drain hose correctly

The drain hose of your Maytag washer lets it pump water out of the tub during a spin cycle and is crucial for your machine to function correctly.

Automatic washing machines like Maytag pump the wastewater through the drain hose periodically throughout the rinse cycles.

A drain hose that is incorrectly installed or damaged may cause the washer to operate slower and cause costly water damage from leaks.

Suppose you hear the washer’s pump operating, but water is leaking from the bottom. In that case, the drain clog likely needs cleaning or replacement.

You can easily clean or replace a drain hose yourself. It can be found at the back of the washer and removed without much trouble. But make sure you buy the correct hose for your washer.

How Long Does A Maytag Washer Usually Take To Wash?

A Maytag washer that doesn’t have any problem will take approximately forty-five minutes to one hour, the same as other washing machines.

The only things that will affect this time are the load in the device and the amount of detergent you are using, among a few other factors.

Besides a normal wash cycle, a lot of Maytag washers come with a large number of different wash modes for various use cases-

CycleWhen to UseTime
Normal CycleNormal mixed load50 mins to 1 hour
Whites CycleWhite cotton and synthetics1 hour to 3 hours
Cold Water WashDark-colored cotton, linens, casual items50 mins to 1.5 hours
Delicate CycleSheer fabrics, lingerie, sweaters45 mins to 1.2 hours
Quick Wash CycleSmall loads of 2-4 clothes15 to 40 mins
Heavy Duty CycleClothes that need intense cleaning1 hour to 2.2 hours
Bedding Wash CycleMore oversized household items like rugs and sheets50 mins to 2 hours
Sanitize Wash CycleBedding and towels need sanitization1 hour to 2 hours

Best Settings For Washing Clothes On A Maytag Washer

We all can learn a thing or two when it comes to getting the best out of our Maytag washers. We usually separate our washes by color and not by density.

While this holds good for whites, mixing in items of different densities can cause your Maytag washer to take longer.

You should always use the appropriate wash setting on your machine corresponding to your clothes to get the best results while using the fewest resources.

Apart from that, there are some other things you can carry out to ensure that your Maytag washer is in optimal condition and washing clothes the quickest it can:

  1. Make sure the washer is level and not on a slope.
  2. Do not overload the washer or try to wash heavier items in it.
  3. Ensure the lid is fully closed and locked before you start a cycle.
  4. Input the appropriate settings for the type and quantity of clothes.
  5. Check and clean the water filter periodically; don’t let it clog up.
  6. Adjust the water pressure in your home if it is too low or too high

Final Remarks

It can be frustrating when you need your clothes washed instantly. Still, your Maytag washer should be shorter. However, there are proven fixes to this problem-

  1. Change the load
  2. Check the voltage
  3. Adjust the water pressure
  4. Clean or replace the water inlet valve
  5. Install drain hose correctly