Best Height For Washing Machine Drain (Important)

The best height for a Washing machine drain should be at least 30 inches above the floor. Additionally, the height should not exceed 98 inches in any case.

Washing machines are notorious for having height preferences for their water valves. If they are not kept at an adequate height, the water flow will be disturbed, and the machine won’t wash your clothes.

If you are someone who wants to install their washing machine, you need to be extra careful about the placement of your washer drain pipe. It must pass the minimum height clearance to run effectively and help you wash your clothes without a hitch.

Ignoring this height stipulation will lead to problems and malfunction of the machine. You might waste water as the tub won’t fill appropriately for the wash cycle to start.

In this article, I will discuss the height stipulations for a washer drainage hose. In this article, you will find installation details and specifics of the height at which you need to place the drainage pipes.

Height Requirements For Washing Machine Drain

Best Height For Washing Machine Drain (Important)

Washing machine drainage pipes should be at least 30 inches from the ground height. This minimum height stipulation should be cleared when installing the machine.

Most people in the states prefer installing a washer on their own. This decision saves them a lot of money that would otherwise be lost on a professional.

If you hire a professional to install your washer, you will be spending at least 100 dollars for their work. You will also have to pay, which adds to the overall expense.

When installing a washer on your own, you must be careful about specific stipulations. The user and installation manual contains a variety of information that needs to be understood before installing the washer.

A critical part of the manual will detail the height specifications for installing a drain pipe. You may not recognize the importance of maintaining this height; still, it is mandatory to follow this particular instruction in the book.

Most brands recommend placing the drain hose at 35-39 inches above the ground. Professionals may recommend going as low as 30 inches but never below that.

Additionally, the washer drain outlet should not exceed 8 feet in height during installation and use. You must check your laundry room thoroughly and ensure these stipulations are followed.

Why Does The Drain Pipe Need To Be Raised In A Washing Machine?

The drain hose in a washing machine needs to be raised to avoid siphoning problems. If the drain hose is at a lower height than the washer, the water will drain out well before the wash cycle is complete.

When you place the water pipe at a low height, the water inside the machine will flow out due to the nature of the water. According to physics, water tries to level itself naturally.

Therefore, when placed at a lower level, the water inside the machine will drain out as soon as the tub fills with water. However, when the washer is placed at a higher level, the water won’t run out until the pump gets activated.

Additionally, the connection between the standpipe and the drain hose should never be sealed. Sealing this section will lead to a siphoning effect that will disallow waste water to exit the machine after a wash cycle.

How Do You Connect A Drain Hose To A Drain Pipe?

Most washers have their drain hose preinstalled. However, If your washer doesn’t have this particular setting, you can manually connect the drain hose to the drain pipe with your hands.

To attach the drain hose, you need to find the lip of the standpipe or lip of the laundry sink and then connect them. Don’t leave any air gaps, as it would lead to a siphoning effect. 

You can use a hose clamp to secure the connection. Additionally, cable wires will be provided in the pack if you don’t want to buy hose clamps separately. 

Connecting a drain pipe doesn’t require any equipment or tolls. It can be completely done by hand.

The only tools you might need would be a drill and screws to attach the elbow stand to your wall. It’s not compulsory to secure this section, so you can also skip this part.

How Do You Position A Washing Machine Drain Hose?

When Positioning a drain hose, you need to remember the height clearance(30 inches) required for correct installation. Additionally, you need to connect the bent end of the pipe to the rim of your washing machine’s tub.

A washer discharge hose will always have two ends, with one slightly bent. This bent end should always be connected to the tub for better water flow.

Additionally, an elbow stand might have come with your washer. This stand needs to be fixed to the wall to enable the drain pipe to hang at a better height without dangling too much.  

Final Remarks 

You may opt to install a washer on your own to save money. However, it is not always a task to install a washer correctly.

To do it right, you need to go through the installation manual and take tips through the Internet to understand the washer parts better.

Here’s a quick recap of what I’ve discussed in this article. 

When Installing a drain hose, you need to keep the specific height clearance and maintain it at all costs. The ideal height for a drain pipe would be 30-36 inches from the floor.